Stingray City Cayman Islands

Have you ever had the desire to visit the Cayman Islands and go on a chartered tour to Stingray City? A private charter can offer a visitor a wonderful way to visit this fabulous destination. Many of the charters include packages that provide a free shuttle from a hotel or cruise ship. The charters can be for half a day or for a full day. Many of the charters also include fishing excursions, snorkeling adventures on a coral reef, and other water sports. You can even customize your own private charter for members of a group or your family.

Creating this type of private charter is perhaps the ultimate custom adventure. This dream excursion can be made to impress friends and family, have a romantic endeavor, celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, stag party, stagette party or whatever you can imagine. There is a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to make all of the arrangements including drinks and food. This dedicated team of professionals requires at least 48 hours of advanced notice so that they can plan the perfect event.

Stingray City is one of the more world renowned landmarks in the Cayman Islands. This fantastic location has been featured in many leisure and international travel magazines. It has been recommended as an unusual and unique adventure and one of the top exotic destinations in the world. There is more information on Stingray City on this website. This is a tour that you will definitely not want to overlook if you are visiting the beautiful Cayman Islands. There is another website here that shows private charters to the sandbar:

Stingray City has a shallow sandbar that provides a home for approximately 50 stingrays. The average weight of a stingray is 150 pounds and they are normally 5 feet in width. Each day there are more than 1000 tourists who visit the park by means of a private charter boat. Stingray City has a website that can help you to understand the philosophy, passion, and vision of this amazing destination.

A trip to Stingray City will be a fantastically fun event for the entire family. It will provide an educational adventure for every member and is full of energy. The philosophy of Stingray City is for all of their guests to have an opportunity to swim safely with a wild stingray. The staff will teach you how to swim safely while at the same time teaching you how to respectfully handle these wonderful creatures. They will also provide you with food and teach you how to feed them. Their goal is to provide you with a memorable and safe adventure.

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