June 2018

Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre Near to Parc Esta Condo

Eunos Crescent Market & Food Centre is the most popular place for food items in Singapore. There are almost 110 hawker centres where multiple food and dishes are available at a decent price. In this market, there are 1000 food courts and most of them are situated on streets. From last few years, this market got extended rapidly and now the food tables are being booked online. Along with that, all the stalls and food courts also do home delivery of the food items in Singapore. The Eunos market is famous for the spices used in the dishes that make it different and unique from others.

Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre Near to Parc Esta Condo

The Eunos market is in higher recommendations as there can be a large amount of queuing is seen for the food items. All food courts keep the flavour and texture of the food at higher priority because this is what makes the people wait and demand the food. All hawker centres have their secret recipes that keep their recommendations regular in front of the customers. This market makes thousands of different shops but there are some most popular shops in the entire Eunos market which are given below:

Many Eateries at Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre

Hoon Hong Fried Kway Teow is one of the highly recommended shops in the Eunos market that is positioned in a small corner of the market from last 30 years. There are some decent dishes available such as cockles, vegetables and sausage and all these dishes are made on a well-controlled fire. Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre is located near to Parc Esta Condo that is under MCL Land which is the former Eunosville Enbloc Development.

Mami Midah Biryani is the best place in the entire Eunos market and this stall is also featured on multiple social media platforms. This shop only provides two dishes which are Mutton biryani and Chicken biryani and the price of these dishes is same ($5.50).

Eunos Market at Eunos MRT Station

Eunos Minced Meat Noodles is near Eunos MRT station, this shop is situated and the main factor of this shop is that it only opens in daytime till 1.40 PM. Customers wake up early to get the food from this shop and stay in queues for the minced meat noodles along with pork lard.

This food community is well known all over the world and the variety of foods is exceptional in order to provide convenience to the foodies. Each food item has its own speciality and flavour that has made this largest food market in Singapore. Many TV shows are made on the Eunos market and world-class chefs have shown their interest in this food market.

UOL Group Real Estate Commercial and Residential Properties in Singapore

The UOL group is Asia’s largest real estate company and also Singapore’s single largest company. The chain was established in 1963 in Singapore by the name of United Overseas Land Limited but it changed its name to the present label UOL group. The group specializes in providing cutting-edge and state-of-the-art real estate properties ranging from commercial buildings, hospitality, and residential housing. There are five key business models that UOL engages in – property investment, property design and development, hotel chain operations, real estate management services as this is most important ever.

UOL Group Real Estate Properties in Singapore

The UOL group offers residential properties only in Singapore at the moment but would like to expand its horizon to different countries in the future. Some notable residential and housing properties in Singapore include – Clement Canopy, Amber 45, Tre JCube Condo Ver, Archipelago, Spottiswoode Residences, Thompson Three and Katong Residency. The Hotel Operations arm of the group owns and runs 19 hotels across countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and China, like the magnificent Parkroyal at Kuala Lumpur. The group has designed and constructed office buildings to multinational corporations, establishments and embassies.

UOL Group Chairman De Wee Cho Yaw

The group is chaired by Dr. Wee Cho Yaw. His father was the founder of the United Overseas Bank, which is Singapore’s leading bank in terms of market capitalization. Dr. Yaw now also chairs the bank set up by his father and also acts as the Pro-chancellor of the renowned Nanyang Tech University. Over the years, UOL has amassed global recognition and critical acclaim in the form of many international awards and accolades like the Silver Award which was awarded to the Duchess Residences in 2012 at the Asia Awards. Nassim Park was given the honor of the Honorable Mentions section at the Singapore architectural awards.

UOL Group in Commercial and Residential Properties in Singapore

UOL group is a visionary in real estate and retail market spawning multipurpose malls and retail stores like United Square shopping mall, Onekm, Velocity@Novena. These malls are new age shopping spaces endowed with sports facilities and kids’ arenas and specialize in wellness services. These are places of fostering community bonding and organize many unique events to give the shoppers truly novel experience. Some of the office buildings include Novena Square at Thompson Road, United Square and Odeon Towers.

The group is looking towards future expansion. It has come up with a new condominium at Thompson Three. In May 2013, the group announced the acquisition of Pan Pacific Company in which it owned a stake of 81{9bd84cbf1607ad08d6bf54fd9aa3f0d67806a63fac2b6d2795ff5df921a22f97}.

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