September 2022

Marina Gardens Lane GLS Marina South

New Developments Along the Marina South Stretch of Singapore

Marina Gardens Lane, a prime location along the Marina South stretch of the city, has the potential to be developed into more than seven hundred and fifty residential units. The development is the first residential project of its kind along the stretch, with the potential for a $1 billion investment. The project will include both private and public facilities, and is set to be completed by 2017.

Marina Gardens Lane

The Marina Gardens Lane land parcel is located next to Gardens by the Bay and will be linked to the Marina South MRT station. The precinct is expected to feature a mix of residential, office and retail uses. The project is expected to create more than a million square feet of space with the capacity to build 795 residential units.

The Marina Gardens Lane site has the advantage of being the first residential site in the precinct. Its proximity to Gardens by the Bay and the MRT station make it a prime location. It is expected to fetch at least three to five bids. Its location is ideal for both commercial and residential use, as the development is close to the CBD. Its location also complements the vision of the authority to develop a bustling, cosmopolitan city centre.

The precinct is adjacent to Gardens by the Bay, overlooking the Marina Reservoir and the Straits of Singapore. It will include a mix of office, retail, hotel and residential use. It will also include more public spaces and a diverse range of amenities.

Bukit Batok West Avenue 5

Bukit Batok EC is located in the CBD and is expected to yield 375 residential units. The development is a hybrid public-private venture with a site area of 12,449.3 square metres and a gross floor area of 37,348 square metres. It will also feature a supermarket and food court on the ground floor, as well as childcare facilities. It has excellent transport links and is located a short walk from Bukit Gombak MRT station.

The Bukit Batok EC project is one of the latest developments in the neighbourhood, and will cater to HDB upgraders in the neighbourhood. The project is expected to attract up to 10 bidders and the highest bidder will be paid about $630 psf per plot ratio. However, it is worth noting that this project is not guaranteed to sell out or develop quickly.

The development will have mixed uses, including commercial, residential and hotel. It is expected to be a catalyst for development in the neighbourhood, as it is situated near the CBD and is near public transport.

Tampines Avenue 11

With an estimated land area of just over five hectares, the site is located in a prime location near the future Tampines North MRT station and is walking distance from the proposed Giant Hypermarket and Courts Megastore. In the foreseeable future, the project is expected to be completed by 2022, when the first phase of private homes will launch. The first phase of the project is expected to have about seven hundred and fifty units, capped at 12,000 square metres.

Upon completion of construction, the project will consist of seven contiguous sites, including five private residential plots and one EC site. The remaining four sites are Reserve List sites. Each site will feature a mix of residential, office and commercial spaces. The total area of all six sites is approximately 1.2 million square metres.

The site is adjacent to the Chinese Garden MRT station and can yield up to four hundred and seventy units. The development is expected to provide greater convenience for residents in the surrounding area, with more than 14,000 sq m of commercial space. The site is also nestled in an area with several new EC and public housing projects.

Tengah Plantation Loop (EC)

The second EC at Tengah is set to be launched this December. The EC criteria was established last year. As such, the developer expects the project to receive a good reception. The site will be located in the neighbourhood of Marina South, near the Gardens by the Bay.

The site offers ample space for development. It is close to two MRT stations (Pasir Ris and Tampines Avenue 11) and will yield 495 units. The development will also be close to the River Valley High School and Dulwich College of Singapore. The area also has 12 plots zoned for educational institutions.

The second GLS programme will offer 14 private residential and commercial sites. These sites comprise six Confirmed List sites and eight Reserve List sites. Of the six sites, three have been moved up from the Reserve List to the Confirmed List, and three new sites were added. Together, these fourteen sites will yield 3,505 private residential units, 495 Executive Condominium units, and 14,750 sq ft of commercial space.

Tengah’s plans are aimed at capitalising on the area’s unique identity. These plans aim to provide new recreational and living opportunities. The key features revolve around nature and community. As the first car-free town centre in Singapore, this new development will feature a lush green environment and comprehensive communal facilities.

Bukit Timah Link

There are several new residential sites available in Bukit Timah Link. The Bukit Timah Link site covers 4,611 square meters and could yield 160 units, while the nearby Hillview Rise site covers 10,395.2 square meters and can yield 335 units. Both sites are near the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Methodist Girls’ School.

These projects will have mixed uses, including office space, retail and recreational facilities. The area will also have parks and public space. The community will also be home to childcare centers and other retail and service businesses. The first sale site at Marina Gardens Lane will be launched in second half of 2022 to kickstart the development of the Marina South neighbourhood. It will be home to more than 10,000 residents and will include a variety of residential, retail and office spaces.

The Bukit Timah Link Marina Gardens Lane project is one of five sites for new developments. It is part of the GLS programme, and is likely to be a testbed for the expansion of Marina Bay. It is also close to the Marina South station on the Thomson East Coast Line. The development will be car-lite, and its residential and retail mix should prove attractive to potential developers.

Hillview Rise

The site for Hillview Rise is a good investment opportunity for investors. It has a land area of about 1.03 ha and can yield 335 units. The site is situated in a prime residential enclave, with excellent access to amenities, such as the Hillview MRT station. Besides, it is close to many schools, including the CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace primary school, the Bukit Timah Primary School, and Fajar Secondary School. Also nearby is the Methodist Girls’ School.

The precinct is intended to be environmentally sustainable, with pedestrian-friendly streets and a bicycle network. It will also feature an underground pedestrian network with links to the Thomson-East Coast Line stations. Additionally, there will be elevated pedestrian connections between Marina South and the waterfront developments. In addition, most buildings will be environmentally friendly, with a minimum Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy rating.

The Bukit Timah Link site is expected to attract six to eight bidders. Top bids are expected to be between S$1,200-$1,300 psf per plot ratio. Its sales price should be around $200 million.

Lentor Gardens

The Lentor Gardens development is set to yield 530 units, spread over 2.18ha. It is located next to the Lentor MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line. The site is also near the Cross Island Line, Circle Line, and Downtown Line. The project is expected to open for tender in October 2022.

Lentor Gardens will feature a mixed-use development consisting of executive condominium, private household, and domestic & business sites. The developer expects to launch the first private residential phase of this development in October. The development will consist of 3,505 residential systems and 495 executive condominium units.

A second phase will be launched in the second half of 2022, and will comprise a larger supply of private residential units. This phase will comprise six confirmed list sites, eight reserve list sites, and approximately five hundred hotel rooms. More developers are expected to enter the market in the coming months.

The Lentor Gardens development will offer first-mover advantage. The project is set to be linked to the Marina South MRT station, which will also add to its appeal. The development will also be close to the Gardens by the Bay.

New Semi Pricate Tengah EC at Tengah Green District With Green Mode of Transport

The New Tengah Eco-Community

The Tengah EC is an eco-friendly semi-private hybrid development that will be set in the heart of the Tengah Green District. A car-free town centre is part of its plan, as are green modes of transport. This new town will be home to a mix of businesses, shops, and green spaces.

Tengah EC is a semi-private hybrid development

Tengah EC is a newly launched residential project that is located near the town area of Tengah. With more than 37,348 square metres of development space and 375 units, the project will feature a number of amenities for residents to enjoy. The location of the project is convenient for commuters as it is near a number of amenities such as shopping malls, public transportation, and schools. In addition, it is close to the Pan Island Expressway, which will further boost the economic development in the Tengah region.

The area surrounding the development site is lush with greenery and a thriving timber industry. It also is home to the headquarters of the Singapore Real Estate Management Corporation, a development company focusing on environmental-friendly development. Tengah EC is also located close to several new developments. The price of an EC is generally cheaper than a private unit, which makes it an affordable choice for first-time buyers. In addition to its affordable price, buyers will also benefit from the fact that the development has low maintenance costs.

Located near Jurong and Bukit Batok, Tengah EC is close to the city centre, major shopping centres, and public transport. It also features a pedestrian-friendly town centre, bike lanes, farm-to-table restaurants, and green spaces.

The location is excellent as it is near a number of MRT stations, including the future Town Centre of Tengah. The development is also close to the Jurong Innovation District and Orchard Road.

It is located in the heart of the Tengah Green District

The Tengah EC is located in a planned community with a new town centre and schools nearby. It is close to the upcoming bus and MRT station. It also has a community farmway and public park. The future town centre will be car-lite with separated pedestrian and cycle paths. The development will also have bike racks for residents to use.

The Tengah EC is located near three upcoming MRT stations and the Jurong Region Line, which will connect north-western Singapore with the western part. The area will also be home to several commercial spaces and walking and cycling paths. It is also part of Singapore’s ‘car-lite’ blueprint initiative.

The Tengah EC is located in close proximity to the Central Business District, making it an excellent place for professionals to live. The Tengah EC is also near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which has many recreational activities. In order to rent a unit in the Tengah EC, one must be a Singapore citizen or be married to a Singaporean citizen. There is a limit of two people in a unit.

The Tengah EC is expected to offer more than six hundred units of private housing. It will feature 12 blocks of up to fourteen stories, with each block featuring shops, restaurants, and boutiques. Located near three MRT stations, the development is positioned to attract a diverse population.

The Tengah EC will offer modern, smart condominiums near the city center. This eco-friendly project is expected to be the first of its kind in the West region. It will not only promote a healthy lifestyle but will also help reduce air pollution. It will also be close to the city center and make it easy for people to commute.

It will include a car-free town centre

The eco-community of Tengah EC will feature a car-free town centre and green living amenities. It will also have bike and walking paths for residents to enjoy. It will also feature smart technologies and green infrastructure to provide a future-proof environment. In addition, Tengah will feature a car-free town centre and plenty of retail space. This will be the first of its kind in the West region.

The EC will be located in the centre of the town, with a 20-hectare Central Park, a public amphitheatre, and a link to a future MRT station. By 2026, the Jurong Region Line is scheduled to reach this area. It will also feature a car-free town centre, a car-free zone, and free parking.

Tengah EC will have five distinct districts that will each have their own set of amenities. Each district will be a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural facilities. Each district will also be located within easy reach of a community club, bus interchange, and the future “car-free town centre.”

Residents will be able to take the bus or MRT to work, or take a bike or walking path to get around the area. The community will also be equipped with smart technology, with dedicated bicycle lanes for residents. The housing districts will be eco-friendly and will focus on sustainable features. The luxury condos at Tengah EC will be built amid a lush and nature-friendly environment. The development team of Copen has incorporated nature into the design of Tengah Town EC.

The town centre will be built on a brownfield, which is ideal for new town development. The area is uneven and partially obscured, but it is a prime location for new town development. Originally, the plan for this land was to create 56,000 new homes. However, the area is still a brownfield, so there are challenges. The development will have to contend with issues such as noise from nearby air base and construction sites.

It will have green modes of transport

The Tengah EC has green modes for transport that include cars that are powered by natural gas. It also has buses that are powered by renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power. These vehicles have lower emission levels than conventional cars and are a more environmentally friendly option. These buses can be used by residents and businesses for their daily needs.

Residents of Tengah EC can easily reach many areas of the city by taking public transport. This is due to its convenient location and close proximity to the Jurong Lake District, Jurong Innovation District, and other parts of the city. It also has a large number of outdoor spaces and free public parking. It is also surrounded by lush greenery.

Tengah EC is serviced by four public transport stations. Residents can use these transport methods to reach the CBD and other parts of the town. It is also close to the upcoming Tengah MRT station. This station will make green modes of transport more convenient for residents and will help to preserve the environment.

The EC is also located near a town centre that will be car-free in the near future. It will also include a sports hub and a polyclinic. The EC also includes 12 parcels of land for educational institutions. The Tengah EC master plan also features visions for an environmentally-friendly town.

The new Tengah EC is a green community with many ways to travel. Residents can use public transportation, bicycles, or walking to work or school. Green modes of transport also reduce pollution. The new Tengah EC is close to the Jurong Region Line MRT station and Pan-Island Expressway. Its location is ideal for people who commute to the CBD or Orchard Road.

It will have 12 plots of land zoned for education institutions

The Tengah Estate Condominium is a newly-launched residential project that features a low entry price and a good mix of amenities and connectivity. The project is located near a future “car-free” town centre and is close to a polyclinic, bus interchanges, and other amenities. It also offers a community club and 12 plots of land zoned for educational institutions. The development is part of the master plan for the area, which also includes a vision of a smart town.

When the project is completed, the Tengah EC will have around 42,000 new homes. The town will be divided into five districts, each with different characteristics. These districts will form the skeleton of the Tengah EC.

The project is located near a new MRT station and several schools. It is also near West Mall, the largest shopping mall in the western region. Nearby schools include Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. In addition, the Tengah EC will be near River Valley High School and Dulwich College of Singapore.

Tengah EC is being developed by two experienced property developers. Both have extensive experience in developing green residential properties and have won several BCA Green Mark awards. The developers of Tengah Garden Residences EC have also achieved the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS rating. In addition, the project will be Singapore’s first Super Low Energy private residential development.

Tengah EC is Singapore’s first smart town and will feature innovative green features and smart technologies. It will provide new living and recreational options for the western region of Singapore. It will complement Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake District. The master plan for Tengah will capitalise on the unique identity of the town and make it a vibrant place to live.