Yishun Executive Condo Located Near to Yishun Integrated Transport Hub

Yishun Executive Condo Located Near to Yishun Integrated Transport Hub

Yishun Executive Condominiums is located in the urban centre of Singapore, just a short distance away from the major Singapore destinations of Sentosa and Granville. What makes Yishun Executive Condominium an attractive proposition is its proximity to major business centres in the country, like the exclusive Le Meridien Plaza, the Citibank Corporate Offices in the nearby Primate Street, the Yishun International Airport and the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Yishun executive condominium has a retail and shopping centre attached to its property. What else could you ask for in a luxury Singapore condominium? Well, maybe a first class swimming pool.

The Yishun Executive has a set of fully furnished, fully equipped suites and villas with all the modern amenities including a spa and swimming pool. Apart from these, Yishun executive condominium has an amazing selection of luxurious apartments, villas and bungalows with the latest and luxury technologies and features at affordable prices. Some of the units have a minimum price of S$925, which includes the full utilities and the security deposit.

Yishun City has grown rapidly over the past few years and the developer aims to create a recreational and business centre out of the developments. They are taking the latest trends in the city and integrating it with Singapore’s heritage and lifestyle. The Yishun Centre, a shopping and entertainment centre, a huge retail centre and an integrated multi-purpose complex will be spread across the northern part of Yishun and will include a skywalk and a skybridge.

Apart from Yishun City, there is another large development in the pipeline which is still in the development stage. This is the Yishun Business Park. This is set to be one of the largest malls in Asia when it comes to terms of land space. It will also have a whole new district centre attached to it. Yishun Business Park is strategically located in the middle of the city and is very accessible by both public transport and taxi.

The Yishun Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) was initially opened in a land piece adjacent to Golden Village Yishun at an unknown location. The first two bus stops on the IHT line were established at Yishun and Northpoint City Centre. These bus stops have been closed down now as the Yishun MRT station has been extended to Yishun and the rest of the Langkawi region. The remaining bus stops will be added when the planned Northpoint-Yishuna Linkage Study is completed. This extension is part of the plan that was released by the Transport Development Corporation (TDC) last December.

The opening of Yishun Integrated Transport Hub initially occurred at a land piece adjacent to the Yishun bus interchanges located at Northpoint City Centre and Yishun Commercial Street. This interchange was operated through the construction of the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub, which commenced at the former Yishun Bus Interchange where it was located at the former Yishun MRT Station. From this point, the IHT extended its operation to Yishun, Bintang, Panyan, Melville and the north point of Singharaja. Yishun itself is a large mixed retail/bicycle market.

In order to access the commercial area of Yishun, the tunnel under the Northpoint Business Centre was constructed. It is an eight-level tunnel, which offers a pedestrian walkway to the Yishun MRT Station. The tunnel is also very close to the residential neighbourhood of Singharaja. The retail shops at Singharaja are just next to the restrooms of Yishun MRT Station. The mall is situated at the second level of the yishun mrt station. This gives the customers an easy access to the mall and shopping area.

The Yishun Executive Condominiums is perfect for people who want to have second homes but don’t have the budget for a house. Yishun executive condominiums offer a more reasonable rent compared to apartments. The monthly rents start from as low as $letter. The apartments and villas are fully furnished with all the latest facilities and services.

Most of the Yishun apartments and villas come with facilities such as wireless internet, safety sensors, kitchenettes, air conditioning, pool and built-in entertainment systems. The kitchens offer many of the same amenities as those found in the restaurant but at a much lower price. All the apartments and villas are also equipped with a private swimming pool. Most of the Yishun apartments also come with parking spaces.

Yishun MRT Station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station within Yishun Town area in Singapore. The Yishun MRT Station is located at the south corner of Yishun Avenue 2 and Yishun Avenue 5. The Yishun MRT Station is one of two stations that serve Yishun New Town – the other being Khatib Station. The Yishun MRT is one of two stations in Yishun Town that serves the town’s east and west local area, as well as the national and international airports.

The Yishun MRT Station is elevated above ground level, with shops, fast food outlets, as well as the ticketing booths located inside and around the elevated platform. The platform can accommodate buses, taxis, and cars. The platforms can also be accessed by walking or using lifts from the pedestrian and shopping streets located within the vicinity of the Yishun MRT Station. The platform can be reached from the Yishun MRT Station by any type of public means, including the MRT, subways, and bikes.

Yishun executive condominiums also come with many of the facilities and services that are provided in the high end hotels such as health clubs, restaurants, spas, beauty shops, shopping centres, currency exchanges and banks. The Yishun stores are set within walking distance and there are many supermarkets also located within walking distance. The Yishun clubs and leisure complexes are also located close by. These clubs and leisure complexes offer activities such as golf, tennis, movies, spas and a range of other activities. All these services and amenities are provided free of cost.

The Yishun executive apartments also provide a 24 hour security service and they are fully furnished with all the facilities and amenities that are required in a business location. These units have air conditioning also. These fully furnished Yishun executive condominiums are also available in different designs to suit the taste of the owner. Some of these units are also equipped with conference rooms and living rooms. The Yishun management provides monthly or annual maintenance service to their customers. They also provide a full warranty for their properties and back up services in the event of damage or destruction of the property caused due to unexpected circumstances.